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So Many Words to Remember!

One of the great theatrical mysteries, from an audience perspective, is how actors remember so many lines. The answer varies from actor to actor and from script to script. Some playwrights’ work is easier to memorize because they write with a rhythm that simply flows...

How the Living Black & White™ shows began…

The year was 1979. Kurt Kleinmann was an actor in New York and Pegasus Theatre was not yet even a gleam in his eye. In the midst of auditioning and attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, he caught a nasty bug and was apartment-bound for a couple weeks. What...

Why give on NTGD?

North Texas Giving Day (NTGD) falls on September 18 this year. At the end of the day, the Communities Foundation totals up how much was given and computes a percentage by which they match each donation. Reason #1: Your money goes farther! That’s a great reason...

NTGD is coming soon!

NTGD stands for “North Texas Giving Day”, an opportunity to turn your donation into more money for the non-profits you love and want to support. This year NTGD falls on September 18. If you love Harry Hunsacker and the black and white shows, help ensure...

Actors Don’t Always Wear Underwear: Part 8

On Stage Gaffes As mentioned in previous posts, surprises constitute an occupational hazard when producing live theatre. The surprise could be pleasant or unpleasant, big or small. It could be noticeable or not by the audience. The subject of today’s blog: The...

The thrill of live theatre!

I’ve been involved with producing live stage theatre since 1986, and I can attest to the fact that it’s a roller coaster ride! Every show presents challenges, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Sometimes it’s as simple as an amusing snafu on...

Living Black & White™

Pegasus Theatre’s signature style! Learn all about the continuing adventures of intrepid detective Harry Hunsacker.

Churchmouse Productons

Churchmouse Productions

Alternative offerings from Pegasus Theatre focusing on the script and acting, behaving as if we are “as poor as church mice.”

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