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And rounding out the Pegasus Theatre 2013-2014 Season...

The Watch

by Trace Crawford

July 11–August 2, 2014
Bathhouse Cultural Center

Directed by Jordan Willis
Featuring Chad Cline and Jared Culpepper

A pair of a Pinteresque career criminals have been stationed in a seedy motel room. Constantly looking out the window, they have been assigned to watch for something but, unfortunately, have no idea what. When it comes out that one has been assigned to kill the other, the ultimate existential quandary reveals itself.

None of the Above

By Jenny Lyn Bader

August 14-30, 2014
Bathhouse Cultural Center

Directed by Jared Culpepper

Jamie, 17, a sophisticated New York City private school student, answers the door one day expecting her drug dealer—and instead finds her SAT tutor. Things degenerate from there. First Jamie tries to get out of being tutored and then she tries to cut a deal with the tutor, Clark. He doesn’t have much sympathy for her plight. They clash right away and seem to have very different values and priorities. But as the play progresses, Jamie and Clark negotiate an unusual pact. Soon enough, all the snap judgments these two have about each other will get thrown out the window, and they’ll both be surprised by what they learn.

Pegasus News

Interview with director of THE WATCH by Trace Crawford

Jordan Willis is making his directorial debut with Churchmouse Productions’ The Watch by Trace Crawford at the 2014 Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT). Willis has become a well-known and well-liked actor in Dallas over the past several years so we stole a...

Interview with producers for THE WATCH by Trace Crawford

Not long ago, Churchmouse Productions shows could only be seen on stage at the Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT). Pegasus Theatre developed Churchmouse as a means to offer minimalist productions without confusing their loyal patrons who had come to associate the...

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